Want to know which new restaurants are in town and where to go for special featured menus? Join us as we go on a hunt to explore the food and beverage scene in town to discover new restaurants. You might find just the perfect set for the next dinner date.


By: Clover Ng posted Jun 30th 2017 02:51PM

Recently revamped to cater to tourists and locals... read more

By: Jason Sych posted Jun 30th 2017 02:52PM

'El Sabio' was the nickname of Kong alfonso... read more

By: Xu Zheng Xiang posted Jun 30th 2017 02:31PM

Spanish for ‘the corner’, the correlation between Esquina... read more

By: Jackson Sim posted Jun 30th 2017 02:16PM

While making your way to the newly refurbished... read more

By: Jackson Sim posted Jun 30th 2017 02:24PM

Exclusivity is Feng Shui Inn’s main draw; that... read more

By: Ruby Wong posted Jun 30th 2017 02:37PM

Co-owners Chef Alfred Chan and Jessica Tan recently... read more