The Peranakan's Babi Pongteh (A Recipe)

By: CWA posted Jul 01st 2019 09:30AM

The Peranakan, which prides itself as the only restaurant that specializes in serving authentic Peranakan heritage dishes along the strait of Orchard Road, is part of this year’s Kamcheng Peranakan Festival 2019 happening from now to 31 July 2019. While Peranakan cuisine continues to warm the hearts of many, the complex flavours present in the dishes may seem daunting to some. Chef Raymond Khoo of The Peranakan shares a recipe on Babi Pongteh which you can cook in the comfort of your kitchen.

Babi Pongteh Recipe

500g    pork belly, cut into half inch strips
30g      garlic, minced
30g      fermented soybean paste (blended tau cheo)
50g      shallots, finely diced
300g    carrots, cut into one inch cubes
50g      dried mushrooms, rehydrated
15g      palm sugar
5pcs     whole green chilli, sliced
            Water, for simmering and slow cooking
            Black sauce and salt, for seasoning
            Rice, for serving with babi pongteh

Place the pork belly in a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until the pork belly strips are softened. Add minced garlic, fermented soybean paste and finely diced shallots in a pan and fry until fragrant and oil is separated. Add the boiled pork belly strips, cubed carrots, rehydrated dried mushrooms and palm sugar. Season to taste with black sauce and fine salt.  Braise for 1 hour and add water as required to prevent the sauce from burning. Garnish with sliced green chillies and serve immediately with a side of rice. Serves 5

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