Celebrate Negroni Week at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore!

By: CWA posted Jun 07th 2019 03:12PM

The Italian cocktail Negroni will be 100 this month, and if you're a fan of Negronis, you will be pleased to hear that The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is going to launch a specially concocted ‘Negroni Duo’ at The Landing Point from 1 June 2019 till end of August 2019 to celebrate Negroni Week (week of 24th June) and Italy’s National Day.

These specially concocted Negroni Duo cocktails – which include Bianco and Classico, along with a secret concoction by The Fullerton Bay Hotel's talented inhouse mixologist. The Negroni Bianco, light-bodied with a strong botanical bouquet, gets an added twist by the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Preparations for these Negronis are extensive: the blend is aged in jars for five days, strained, then transferred to half-filled oak barrels, smoked with burnt oak chips and then left to settle for three days, before finally getting topped with fresh blend and aged for another 40 days. The result? A rich, well-rounded, intense nectar that promises lingering flavours on the palate.
Sounds perfect? Head down to The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore to celebrate Negroni Week on the week of 24th June, and get a taste of Italy!

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