No Sugar Rush

By: CWA posted Dec 07th 2018 03:53PM

In the government’s battle to take down diabetes in Singapore, one possible move the Ministry of Health is contemplating? Banning pre-packaged drinks with high sugar content.

The ministry and the Health Promotion Board are seeking feedback on four proposed measures to cut sugar intake from drinks, such as a total ban on high-sugar drinks, taxation, compulsory front of pack labelling on the drinks indicating nutritional content, and banning advertising of high-sugar drinks on all platforms.

As of the moment, Singapore does not allow selling drinks that have medium-to-high-sugar content in schools and on government premises. Companies also refrain from advertising high-sugar drinks sto children during hours when they are most likely watching television, and some drinks also boast the Healthier Choice Symbol on packaging to identify healthier drinks.

For more information on these measures, or to express feedback, go to or e-mail from now till Jan 25 next year.

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