SATS & SCA Unveil Homegrown Menu Offerings For Airlines

By: Reuben Oh posted Aug 10th 2018 04:22PM

On Thursday, SATS announced its partnership with the Singapore Chefs' Association (SCA) National Culinary Team to unveil homegrown menu offerings for its airline customers. As part of the collaboration, they came together to create a total of 74 recipes from the Cantonese, Hainanese, Hakka and Teochew dialect groups as well as the Peranakan culture. The new recipes are out to showcase Singapore's rich cultural tapestry to its heritage to the rest of the world - not only enhancing a travaller's culinary experience, but allow them locals to reminisce on their mothers' or grandmothers' cooking as they travel around the world.

Drawing inspiration from their heirloom recipes, dishes such as Cantonese Braised Beef Short Rib and Tendon with Radish; Hainanese Duck with Pineapple and Bamboo Shoots; Hakka Red Mushroom with Pork Rib Soup; Peranakan Spicy Prawn with Sataw Beans, and Teochew-style Twice Cooked Garoupa will send travellers back to the days of their grandmas' delicious cooking.

Said Eric Low, Chef of SCA who created the Teochew dish, “The yellow fermented beans from Pu Ning in Chao Shan, China enhance my dish’s simple seasoning and make a great difference to my recipe. The water in Chao Shan is pristine, and the area is famous for its fermented beans. My forefathers came from that region in China, and it has been a family tradition to use only fermented beans from Chao Shan.”

Pastry Chef Ben Goh who has won many accolades for his creations, said, “I grew up in Malaysia where gula melaka is regularly used to sweeten a dessert. I created a gula melaka ice cream to go with the warm pisang mas crumble in my dessert, giving it the right balance of flavours.”

Rick Stephen, Director of Kitchens at SATS, present at the announcement event, commented:  “Travellers are familiar with typical Singaporean dishes like Laksa and Chicken Rice, but there are more home-grown Singaporean dishes that are less well known. We want to create greater awareness for such traditional family food to add more variety to the local culinary experience. Our collaboration with the SCA National Culinary Team will allow more travellers to taste these culinary treasures.”

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