A Sad Farewell to Joel Robuchon Restaurant

By: Reuben Oh posted Jun 08th 2018 02:01PM

It's one of the biggest restaurant news this week, and probably one of the biggest losses to the Singapore restaurant scene in recent history. Singapore's only 3-Michelin starred restaurant, Joel Robuchon Restaurant, will be closing permanently at the end of its month. There is still hope for its sister outlet though, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, which may be re-opened in a different location.

Since 2011, Joel Robuchon Restaurant has brought the pinnacle of fine-dining French cuisine to Singapore. Above all, it provided local chefs with an invaluable base of knowledge in the French culinary style, propelling their careers to the stars they are today. In commeration of this, we'd like to look back to the past with an article we published back in 2011 - a fascinating glimpse into the techniques that Joel Robuchon brought into Singapore.


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